Successful marketing of a property requires more than a yard sign and a classified ad. The key to real estate marketing is to thoroughly introduce the property to the real estate community. BHHS sales professionals are perfectly positioned to gain maximum exposure for your property. Features that differentiate our sales professionals include: Online Seller Advantage Through our advanced Internet technology, your BHHS sales professional can provide your property unique Internet exposure, while providing you comprehensive real-time information about your property, such as the number of Web viewers and home-tour requests and information about competing listings such as price changes, buyers who searched for homes in your neighborhood, and new competing listings. With Online Seller Advantage, you have the benefits of daily emails about Web activity on your property and those in your neighborhood, including:
  • The number of Web viewers
  • The number of buyers who searched for homes in your neighborhood
  • Home tour requests
  • Price changes on properties in your area
  • New competing listings
  • Featured Property status on Yahoo! Real Estate and BHHS
  • Instant alerts to registered buyers who have targeted a home just like yours
International Broker Network The BHHS Network has nearly 2,000 member offices and 64,000 sales professionals throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. BHHS affiliates network with other brokers to exchange information. This cooperation provides a marketing opportunity that generates buyers and leads for your company regionally, nationally, and internationally. BHHS Value Range MarketingSM BHHS is the only provider of BHHS Value Range MarketingSM (BHHSVRMSM) in North America. BHHSVRMSM attracts more potential buyers to look at your home. That can mean a quicker sale at a fair price. National Relocation Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and hundreds of corporate clients rely on BHHS Relocation to assist their transferees with every aspect of their relocation. This service provides the network’s sales professionals with a direct pool of qualified, active, potential buyers. Enhance Your Home’s Appeal The market isn’t the only factor that influences a home’s selling price. When preparing your home for sale, remember the importance of first impressions. Appearance and overall condition play a major role in selling it. Maximize your home’s appeal with these tips.
  • Outside
  • Inside
  • Important Reminders
Outside Some industry experts suggest that more than half of all homes are sold before the buyer even gets out of the car. Stand across the street to assess your home’s curb appeal.